How to make a quick movie from my images and videos?

Video Tutorial:

Screenshot & Text Tutorial:

1. Import images and videos into Win Movie maker

Just click the button "import images and videos" to import your files into Win Movie Maker project.

How to import images with windows movie maker

2. Select target files and add to timeline

Select the files which you want to add into your movie, then click the button "Add to timeline".

how to add images to timeline with windows movie maker

3. Add transitions among the images to the timeline

Switch to "Transitions" panel. You can add various transitions between each two images. You can select and add transition one by one. Or, just click "Random to All" button. The random transitions will be added before each images automatically. Then you can let it go or modify specific transition.

how to add transitions with windows movie maker

4. Add music to the timeline for your movie

Switch to "Music" panel. There should be some music in your movie. You can double click to preview the target music. Drag and Drop the music to Audio Track of the Timeline. It will be added to the timeline.

how to add music with windows movie maker

5. Export your movie to video file

Switch to "Export" panel. OK, now we get the first quick movie. Just select target format and click the "Export" button. Your movie will be exported and saved to your local disk.

how to export movie with windows movie maker